Quotes from the 2018 Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market

"We wanted to contribute to Uhuru's mission" - Henry household
"You can't build a dream unless you step out" - Gloski's fine arts
"I participate every month. I'm 84 years old and this gives me something to do rather than being in front of the television" - Sid Merriweather
"The atmosphere was good for our business" - Bath Fitters
"It's a great mixture of local art and treasures where you don't want to miss this event." - Mystical Creations  
“I like to participate in the Uhuru Health Festival and Flea Market to be apart of the community and support Uhuru and get to know my neighbors.” - -Michele Judge 
“Mercy Hospital is here to support our community and create awareness of the Hospital. We’re here to give information and answer questions that people in the community. Everyone is invited to the community block party on June 30th, 2018 to celebrate 100 years of Mercy Hospital in the community.” - Ada Matthews, Mercy Hospital
“We’re here to promote social justice, opportunity, and provide testing for sexually transmitted infections and HIV for young afro-latino and Latino couples” - Galaei

"I partner with Uhuru to provide good services and products to the community. Uhuru has great flea markets, do good service to the community thru the flea market. I appreciate them."

“We are here to build support and relations for refugees in and around the community. We also have blood pressure screenings and eye exams and glasses donated through community relationships.” - Left to right: Temple Progressive NAACP President Breea Gillette, Kay Dorn, and Bryce Eng
“I’m here to for the community”
Mr. Adilyahya has been attending and vending the Uhuru Festival for multiple years. Loves to see the community come together.
“All of my pieces and made from unique patterns and recycled materials”
La’Natural is used from edibles items right in her kitchen. Her hand scrubs are truly amazing. A customer of hers quoted “my hands haven’t been this soft since I was a boy.”
This is La’Naturals first year attending the Uhuru Festival.
“I am an educator, I’m here for our kids and to spread knowledge.”
Braheem mixes his own music with a soulful jazz sound. With numerous years vending, Braheem has artwork, books, documentaries and more to offer self-validity. 
This is Denise’s first year attending the Uhuru Health Fest. She has a variety of clothes, bow ties, and jewelry. She loves to see the community connect. Sewing has always been a hobby of hers. It was a pleasure having her this year.
Helped by Husband, Chris. 
This year's Festival would be a first for Sarah and her assortment of waist beads.
“Waist beads can empower women, especially with the stomach being an area of concern for some. It gives women a chance to embrace their beauty.” Sarah also had a collection of handmade jewelry.
Pamela and Andrew are big into yoga and meditation. They both enjoy environmental awareness and healthy living. “We believe everyone should have a sanctuary in their home or a place to meditate.” This would be their second year attending.
Grandfather and Grandson’s 7th year participating in the festival. All of their good are imports from Ghana. They believe in the mission of the festival and community building. 
Maggie has been attending for the 4-5 years. She loves seeing the community bring togetherness. Every one of her pieces has a meaning towards expanding and connecting with one’s heritage. 
This is the 5th year The Heirloom Bohemian Boutique has participated in the festival. They have built their foundation on natural; from the candles to incenses, to natural teas, they have it all. Meditation is important to health and essential for finding that space we call “peace.”

"I’m here giving back resources to the community since they often don’t have as many resources available. Also, there’s so much gets thrown away.Something someone might throw away is helping someone else, so I’m trying to reuse materials and cut down on all the materials that get trashed."