Quotes from the 2016 Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market!

"This is my first time, and I encourage more of it!"
"This Festival is very educational!"
- Cheick & Zamaya, Father & Daughter Attendees

"I'm performing at the Uhuru Health Festival because our communities have been robbed of resources, which have affected our health and overall wellbeing. We need organizations like Uhuru that will stand up against injustice and also educate our people." 
- Daniel Theodore Harris, Performer

"This is my first time vending with Uhuru. I decided to vend here today because I wanted to connect to my audience. I make products for black hair and skin, and I support other black businesses as much as possible." 
- Demetra, Divine Organic

"I'm performing at the Uhuru Health Festival because it's all about support - you may not always get paid for what you do in dollars, but the reward of giving comes back double. We should always give when we can. You can see the hard work, dedication and loyalty at Uhuru, and that's why I wanted to work with them." 
- Mr. Diamond Burwell, Performer

"I'm vending with Uhuru because I would like to be known locally. I love to be among other people selling their goods and supporting other black-owned businesses." 
- Emerald, Gourmet Candle

"Unification, peace, and harmony!" 
- Empress B, Le Crochet

"We are partnering with Uhuru Health Festival to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and to help make sure everyone has access to the resources necessary to be able to do that." 
- Kaity, Fit Gym Philly

"I'm proud and pleased to be working with a conscious movement here at Uhuru." 
- Halima, Halima Consultation

"Heirloom is proud to support Uhuru and the APEDF. We fully support the activities and programs to address economic and health disparities. We look forward to participating in the Uhuru Health Festival & many more markets in the years to come!" 
- Omar & Ajua Hawkins, Heirloom Bohemian Boutique & Tea Lounge

"I'm here because I wanted to get off campus and out into the neighborhood. Health is important to me, so I am in support of anyone [like Uhuru] promoting healthy lifestyles." 
- Jasmin, Attendee
"It means a lot to me to come out to the Uhuru Health Festival. Buying items from these vendors not only means a lot to them, but it also keeps money circulating within our community." 
- Kylil, Attendee

"I'm from Chicago. I came out to the Uhuru Health Festival because there is a health crisis in the black community, and I'm asking Philadelphia where it hurts. The same issues affect black people nationwide. Why aren't people fighting [like Uhuru]?" 
- Martese C., Attendee & Nurse

"I like to sell at Uhuru Flea Markets because it gives me the opportunity to share a little of my culture, to learn about other cultures, and also to support the African community and its development." 
- Maureen Baquero, Colombian Arts & Crafts

"I vend with Uhuru Health Festival & the Uhuru Flea Markets because I think black families should have Afrocentric items in their home. Also, this gives the community the opportunity to unite around health." 
- Obanion, Woodcrafts by Obanion

"We want to be a part of this community, and that means giving back. We heard that the Uhuru Health Festival does a good job of giving back to the community and wanted to be a part of that. There are not many places like this, and it's a great opportunity!" 
- Ziver, Peace Islands Institute

"I wanted to be a Health Partner with the Uhuru Health Festival because I knew about Uhuru even before I was a worker at People's Emergency Center. I used to go into their office located on Lancaster Avenue. Uhuru made such an impact on myself and the West Philadelphia community; many were sad that they decided to change locations, and they feared that Uhuru would not continue to house their Flea Markets at Clark Park. I'm happy that Uhuru is still present in the West Philadelphia community. We as a people need places like Uhuru to advance and bring attention to our culture. I personally say THANK YOU!" 
- Robyn Drummond, People's Emergency Center

"We are from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, located down the street. We as the American Pharmacists Association student pharmacists wanted to give back to the community. As students, we wanted to provide the community with an outlet for accessible health care through special education topics. The Uhuru Health Festival's mission allows us to spread our knowledge to those in attendance." 
- Dipal & Karishma, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (USciences)

"We decided to partner with the Uhuru Health Festival because they support the community, and provide us with healthcare needs." 
- Cheresa Ralls, Philly Moms Do Breast Feed

"Uhuru Health Festivals & Uhuru Flea Markets are a community standby that brings neighborhoods together to celebrate in so many different and culturally sensitive ways. We're so happy & proud to be a part of this lively community and provide them with our services!" 
- Caitlin B., Prevention Point Philadelphia

"I choose to vend with Uhuru Health Festival & Uhuru Flea Markets because I enjoy the continued support, and I love being in the park! I've been vending with Uhuru since 2008." 
- Queen Samiyah, Nubian Essence

"I wanted to come to the Uhuru Health Festival to show community support. I believe it's important to educate ourselves - the more we know, the more we can grow!" 
- Rachel, Attendee

"We as Refugee Health Partners at Jefferson University have made it our mission to advocate for under-served and marginalized populations. The Uhuru Health Festival clearly does an amazing job at working towards this mission, and bringing to light important issues in the community. We are thankful and honored to help and serve this community!" 
- George, Refugee Health Partners (Jefferson University)

"I came to the Uhuru Health Festival because I'm looking for the latest in natural products, and cultural jewelry & art." 
- Shondra, Attendee

"I enjoy the cross-section of cultures I see at the Uhuru Health Festival. People have so many stories, and I learn a lot from them." 
- Steve Williams, Africa 2 America

"Unification, Community, Love, and Building!" 
- Tamara, Le Crochet

"At some point in their life, 1 in 4 adults will be touched by mental illness, whether through personal or family connection. Only 40% of people will get treatment. There is a large health disparity in the black community, and The Wedge is partnering with the Uhuru Health Festival to help reduce stigma and that gap." 
- Jessica, The Wedge Mental Health Recovery Centers

"We vend with the Uhuru Health Festival because it's great to be out in the community on a nice day like today, and also supporting ourselves financially!" 
- Tracy, Vendor