Michelle Mercer

Michelle Mercer (Philly Fit Gym) – Zumba

FIT is unlike than the average fitness club. FIT gym is equipped for strength, weight, and cardiovascular training and conditioning. Thier mission is to inspire and motivate each person that enters our facilities to exceed their limitations and transform the mind, body, and lifestyle. Train with the best to be the best. FIT Gym is located near the heart of University City. The facility is two floors; the first floor is designated for the free weights. The free weight equipment includes: Hammer Strength™, Strive™ Circuit, Cybex™, Body Masters™, Icarian™, King™, Nebula™, Paramount™, Maxicam™, CAP™, Scorpion™ and Troy™ with Power Racks, Deadlift Platforms, Super Squat, Leg Press, Smith Machine and Dumbbells from 2lbs up to 250lbs (the heaviest in the city).

FIT Gym is also considered home to many of the region’s powerlifting and bodybuilding competitors. The second floor holds all of the FIT cardio equipment: Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Stairmasters, Stepmills, Cross Trainers, Ellipticals and Rowers with brand names like Star TracTM, Life FitnessTM, PrecorTM, and Stair MasterTM. FIT also offers a variety of classes including Zumba, Spin, Hatha Yoga, Body Pump, Abs, and Martial Arts designed for those who crave the dynamics of a group fitness fueled environment. For the individuals requiring the extra attention needed to achieve weight loss goals, or achieving a FIT lifestyle, the FIT Personal Training Program providing personalized workouts and/or nutrition tailored to meet the individual’s goals.

Visit the Philly Fit Gym website to learn more.