Chairman Omali Yeshitela - Keynote Speaker, Founder & Leader of the Uhuru Movement

From the day he ripped down the racist mural from the walls of City Hall in St Petersburg, Florida in 1966, Chairman Omali Yeshitela (then known as Joseph Waller) has never stopped fighting for freedom for African people everywhere. Mobilized in his youth by anti-colonial movements around the world and the struggle for black liberation inside the U.S., Yeshitela dedicated his life to uniting and liberating Africa and African people everywhere. Read More...

Deputy Chair Ona Zené Yeshitela - APEDF President

Ona Zené Yeshitela is Deputy Chair of the African People's Socialist Party and President of the African People's Education and Defense Fund, the baddest non-profit on the planet. She leads all of the economic development work of the Uhuru Movement, which includes the recent anti-colonial, anti-gentfrication Black Power Blueprint project in St. Louis, MO that is transforming the conditions of life for African people there in a serious way.

Yejide Orunmila - ANWO President

Yejide is a socialist, revolutionary, mother and wife. She's also President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), an organization of the African People’s Socialist Party which was created to address the special oppression of African women. As the only anti-imperialist, anti-colonial revolutionary African women’s organization, ANWO is leading on the everyday issues that impact the lives of African women. Yejide writes the column “Harriet’s Daughters” in The Burning Spear Newspaper and has spoken around the country on African Internationalism, the political theory of the African working-class.

Karen Smith & Friends - Live Music

KAREN L. SMITH made the decision in 2012 to become a full-time independent performance percussionist, teaching artist, and cultural event curator. Her vision is to present artistic experiences for the benefit of community-based organizations, particularly those that support children & youth, people of color, and LGBTQ communities has blossomed ever since. Utilizing her musicianship skills and theater management experience, with her desire to work in collaboration with artists and entities that embrace art as a tool for healing, Karen is true to her philosophy, "Have Drums Will Travel Immediately." From schools in Philadelphia and the tri-state area, to across the country for the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the Selma-to-Montgomery March, as well as across the water to the Caribbean island of Jamaica at the invitation of  Berndatte Pleasant's LiveFemme Experience!, a dance and rhythms healing retreat, Karen's Sistahs Laying Down Hands and Weez The Peoples ensembles are reminders of her motto, Possible is Possible!

Dr. Michelle Strongfields - Speaker

Macintosh HD:Users:michellestrongfields:Desktop:IMG_3356.jpgMichelle Strongfields, MD, is Director and Founder of IAMM Science Education Group, working to increase representation of ethically trained and community focused Black and Brown youth in the sciences. She has more than 40 years experience as an educator, physician and health care advocate, seeking the elimination of all health inequities. Dr. Strongfields has trained and worked in the US, Cuba, South America, Africa and throughout the Caribbean, preparing Community Health Workers in the United States and abroad and is associated with the Health Committee of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Program, (AAPDEP), led by Dr. Aisha Fields, PhD. Dr. Strongfields believes physical, mental and spiritual health a divine human right.

Ra - Rap

Been doing the damn thang, and continues to bring real music for real people! The One Sun Lion Ra!

DJ Shango - Sound

DJ SHANGO, a founder of The Organic Mindz Tribe (The OM TRIBE) & Spirit Quest, brings indigenous vibrations to uplift, enlighten and open the chakras through the sounds of Indigenous beats, drums, and chanting.
A self-taught DJ hailing from New Jersey and residing in Philadelphia, DJ Shango utilizes music to heal the Mind, Body, & Soul. Shango has DJed for festivals such as Nomadico Meso Creso (Virginia) in 2016, PEX Summer Festival (Maryland) and Catharsis A Vigil for Healing (DC, Washington Monument) in 2016 and 2017, and LoveLight Yoga & Arts Festival (Maryland) and The Grounds-Sober Experience Festival (West Virginia) in 2017.
SHANGO vision is bringing ART & MUSIC together to heal our audience threw drums & traditional paint. Letting Go into a flow of Movement to feel their Highest Self Expanding their Organic MINDZ is his ultimate goal.
SHANGO has worked with many DJs to make this sound vibrate on high frequencies such as Osunlade, King Britt, DJ Dot.|Mat!c & Lil’ Dave(Record Breakin’ Music), Jelly Bean Benitez, WorldTown SoundSystem, Brookzill!, Donnerstag, Tropic Of Bass, Donny G, and many more. Hosting his own events filling the calendar up with Music, Art, Crystals & Healing.
SHANGO’s Ancient Futuristic sound brings a constant flow of energy to the people which is rapidly growing into a massive healing movement.
You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and SounCloud!

Michele Mercer – Zumba

FIT Gym is unlike the average fitness club. FIT Gym is equipped for strength, weight, and cardiovascular training and conditioning. Their mission is to inspire and motivate each person that enters our facilities to exceed their limitations and transform the mind, body, and lifestyle. Train with the best to be the best. FIT Gym is located near the heart of University City. Read more...

WORDZ the Poet Emcee – Rapper

WORDZ the Poet Emcee is an independent Hip Hop Soul artist and poet from Philly. He has traveled extensively throughout the Philadelphia region, as well as major Southern cities; including Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston. His music is a mix of classic Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul. In short, WORDZ the Poet Emcee is an experienced talent that is certainly missing from music today.

WORDZ the Poet Emcee, is a natural born rapper. Raised in Philly, he has been rapping since the age of 14. WORDZ has hosted many events, has music on every kind of musical platform, and has a strong fan base in Africa and New Zealand. WORDZ has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine and has been nominated for many categories at the Philly Hip Hop Awards. WORDZ poetic essence has also appeared on stage at Afropunk.

WORDZ the Poet Emcee has become a sought after artist and tours throughout the country year-round. In 2018 the artist released his 11th project entitled, “Unapologetic,” now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal. WORDZ regularly graces the stages of venues such as The House of Blues (New Orleans and Philadelphia) and World Cafe Live in Philadelphia.

WORDZ talent won’t just stop with music, with talks of independent movies and an interest in acting, we are sure to see him in a different light very soon.

Often referred to as a “Breath of Fresh Air,” WORDZ The Poet Emcee is a gifted lyricist, poet, and songwriter, delivering authentic Hip Hop & Soul. Noted as an artist who aims to “reinvigorate Hip Hop” by Afropunk’s Erin White

An artist with “something to say”

by Philadelphia Magazine

Gloria Kingcade - Soul Line Dance

Gloria Kingcade is a nationally renowned line dance instructor who, has presented and promoted “Soul” Line Dancing to thousands in classrooms, workshops, conferences and festivals since Oct. 1998.
In Jan. 2001, Ms. Kingcade founded “D.A.S.H.E.R.S. Entertainment Network” (Dancing And Singing Help Everyone Relieve Stress), a business she created after leaving a 9-year stressful job as a welfare to work counselor.
Ms. Kingcade is an award-winning, master instructor who has received an “Outstanding Community Service Award” from A. K. A. Sorority, Inc.-Feb. 2006, the “2009 Master Teacher” Trophy from Union Crew Star (The Academy Awards of Line Dancing)-Jan. 2010, and a "5 County Arts Grant" in 2007.
Ms. Kingcade has mentored over 40 students who instruct, choreograph and/or perform.
Ms. Kingcade is dedicated to preserving the "Philly Style" of line dancing as she teaches
locally and is sought after by many out-of-town “Soul” line dance groups as a guest instructor.

Black Men Run - Plank Challenge

Black Men Run is a national organization whose mission is to encourage health and wellness among African American men by promoting a culture of running/jogging to stay fit. Read more...

Rasheed Bey - Spoken Word Poetry

Powerful revolutionary poet and artist Rasheed Bey is a long time activist and friend of the Uhuru Movement. Rasheed Bey is blind and deaf because he was brutally beaten by the Philadelphia police when he was a young man in the 1970s.

Loving Soul Yoga - Jamilah MyAnn

Yoga & representation haven’t always gone hand in hand, which is why, in 2011, Jamilah MyAnn created Loving Soul Yoga, a safe space where people can vibrate higher while having fun and feeling seen. With this yoga entrepreneurship, she teaches several styles of yoga including Kemetic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoni Yoga, LIT YOGA, Chair Yoga, Couples Yoga, and more.

Urban Shaman - African Drums

The Evolution
The Urban Shamans represents more than just a band. The members, all with their own uniquely identified musical footprints, agree that there is a strategic method to establishing a movement. A movement that is capable of transforming a world community that embraces peace, love, balance, righteousness, and harmony. Read more...

Bodyrock Bootcamp

"At Bodyrock Bootcamp and Executive Training, we take the traditional boot camp and remix it like a DJ, for a workout experience you'll never forget. Here, we practice 'old school,' back-to-basics, time tested, core and functional training. We take classic calisthenic exercises, and seamlessly blend them with elements of yoga, strength training, martial arts, gymnastics and yes... even breakdance."
Let us Rock your Body!

ASAM Yoga – Khalief Walker

Khalief has found the practice of Yoga to be the most fitting platform in his exploration of mind, body and soul. 
Recovering from a near death vehicle accident, Khalief utilized the practice of yoga as one of the many natural wholistic healing methods to overcome his injuries. 
With a background in athletics and wholistic healing, Khalief  was initially drawn to the meditative aspect of yoga and shortly after found a passion for the physical practice. His love for handstands, inversions, arm balances, sports, and overall fitness has led Khalief to become co founder of ASAM YOGA (Athletic Sports Asana & Mindfulness).

M.T.A - Vocalist

As an Artist M.T.A has no limitations as he makes music that can't be categorized into any genre and that's why the masses are starting to gravitate towards his content.  Born and raised in Philadelphia P.A, M.T.A grew up like any other kid in uptown, it was only when everyone around him started noticing his ability to make melody that he started to take notice to his own talent as well. He began to study some of his favorite artist like Usher, Ryan Leslie, & Rico Love and soon turned the inspiration from their music into his first EP "About Time" that was released in early 2018. With the release of his project M.T.A learned to value his path of independence and the support he gets from his core fan base over the immediate gratification of an instant following.  The reaction of the sonic experience that he creates for his listeners is more than enough to inspire M.T.A to keep pursuing his calling and 2019 looks to be another year of growth within his music journey. Music is what he loves to do and his fans are who he loves to create it for, as he hopes his music can just be a glimmer of hope and enjoyment to those who take part in the M.T.A experience.

MiND BODY ACTiViSM - Health & Wellness

In response to the increasing rate of reported cases of chronic disease such as DIABETES and OBESITY among school-aged youth in the city of Trenton, Divine Allah and Solomon Dinkins created MiNDBODY ACTiViSM. Since June 2014, we have committed ourselves to addressing these and other serious health issues in and around the community. As an extension of the ‘Legendary’ Ike Williams Boxing Academy - under the leadership of Eric ‘O’ Judkins, Solomon and Divine passionately work to combine ‘The Basics of Fitness’ with ‘The Academics of Boxing.’ Our motto is ‘Function With Purpose :: Move With Intention.'

Rugrat Nami - Musician

Meet Rugrat Nami. A nonfictional fictional character. Influenced by artists like Erykah Badu, Regina Spektor, Kanye, and Childish Gambino - Rugrat Nami is an anime lovin', beat bumpin', creative soul, and hip hop student. Rugrat Nami is the wave.

Penny Hess - African People's Solidarity Committee

Penny Hess is the chairperson of the African People's Solidarity Committee, an organization of white people organizing in solidarity with the movement for the liberation of Africa and African people. APSC works under the leadership of the Uhuru Movement, led by the African People's Socialist Party.

Penny has been a member of the African People's Solidarity since its founding in 1976. She is a tireless organizer who speaks throughout the U.S. and Europe in an effort to educate people that white society everywhere owes its affluence and democracy to the enslavement and colonization of African and oppressed peoples. Read more...

Children's Circle

The Children's Circle will feature age-appropriate educational activities, arts & crafts, & more! Children can visit this area, accompanied by an adult, to participate in activities for physical fitness, emotional well-being, health education, games, and resources. There will also be face painting, coloring, and a balloon artist! Please join us at the Children's Circle, right across from the main stage at the Health Festival. Kids are a part of the movement too!

● Children's Fitness
Health Education & Games 
● Meditation
● Face Painting
● Coloring
 Resources & Giveaways!!

Health Partners

The goal of Refugee Health Partners at Thomas Jefferson University is to improve and advocate for the health and well-being of refugees and the underserved living in Philadelphia. We provide free health services such as blood pressure measurement, blood glucose tests, vision screenings, and nutrition education. We are excited to be participating in the Uhuru Health Festival, as we have collaborated with them for the past five years. It's awesome to see so many groups come together to support this community, and we're honored to be a part of this effort!

Why We Exist: Bebashi – Transition to Hope was founded in 1985 as a full-service HIV/AIDS organization with special interest in serving low-income people of color with HIV disease. As the second-oldest AIDS service organization in the Philadelphia region, Bebashi – Transition to Hope was the first African-American organization in the United States to address the AIDS crisis. Read more...

Greater Philadelphia Health Action (GPHA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering you and your family the best in primary, dental and behavioral healthcare. First and foremost, our goal is to keep you and your family healthy by encouraging preventive health practices. When you do get sick, our providers offer expert diagnosis and treatment of your ailments.