Chakir Bouchaib, 5 year vendor, Little Marrikesh Bazaar
“I work with Uhuru because I like the cause"

Kareema and Darren, first time vendors, came with family
“People spend a lot of time hurting themselves, I want to spend time with a group of people spending time who are helping themselves”

 "Good location, diverse crowd"-  Roy Wilson

“I think its beneficial for the community to see what people have to offer and to meet people.”-  Pat Watson


“Community. This is love. This is everybody coming together as one. This is where everybody belongs. This is people supporting each other. Touches my heart. That is a model of community, and in nature. Like the diversity. It’s a chance to give back to the community”
-Sharita 5 year vendor

“I get to meet friends and family. It’s consistent. That’s what counts.”-  Wandering Feather

“I love the neighborhood. I love the people. I want to move to West Philly because of Uhuru”- Jackson – World Aral Region Charity Organization 

Alicia Kinebrew, vendor, Your Skin and Beyond
“I love that the community comes out. This festival brings everyone out. It brings me home”

“I love supporting the black community – health, education and working with the community. I love the people I work with. I’m a revolutionary. - Nana Yaw Grant

“Important to me because it edifies and educates our people to let them know our culture – know that we are all connected. We are one African people."
Rashid Bey, longtime Uhuru Flea Market Supporter

“We want good health and healthcare to be accessible to the people”
 Latir, vendor, Mamaki Tea Food Therapy Rx

“Trying to connect with the masses and introduce them to political life; compel them to do something. Here to advance the revolution.” - Rafiq

“ UHF brings people from all walks of life together to learn about small business”-
  Atema, UPLIFT – Urban People’s Learning Initiative for Tomorrow, first time festival attendee

“Came for the community, engaging each other and supporting other vendors”-
Nicole & Tanya – Chosen Treasures

“The people, clients and vendors, make this special for me. We’re like one big family”,

“More than just a shopping experience, it’s a good atmosphere. It’s a good cause.”- Natalie, shopper