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This Health Festival is an African Led Project of the African Peoples Education and Defense Fund! To find out about all APEDF institutions visit

2018 Uhuru Flea Market Dates

APEDF Community Meeting 
Wednesday March 7th and 21st- 6:30p-8:00p
@ Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles- 832 N Broad Street

2018 Uhuru Flea Market Dates- Mark Your Calendars!

April 21st - Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market
May 19th
June 23rd
August 18th
September 22nd - Uhuru Book Fair and Flea Market
October 20th

Help Get Ready for the
2017 Uhuru Health Festival & Flea Market!

Participate in building the Health Festival and come to one of our community meetings - they're open to everyone, and we'd love to see you there!

Meetings are held every other Wednesday from 6:30PM-8PM at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles, located at 832 N. Broad St., on the corner of Broad & Parrish.

Upcoming Meetings March 22nd, April 5th, April 12th, April 19th

Upcoming Markets:
April 22nd (Health Fest)
May 20th
June 17th
August 12th
September 16th
Oct. 14th (Book Fair)

* Flea Markets are on Sat.; Rain Date is the next day

Uhuru Flea Market is on and happening now in Clark Park until 5pm!



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Quotes: 2016 Uhuru Health Festival

"We as Refugee Health Partners at Jefferson University have made it our mission to advocate for under-served and marginalized populations. The Uhuru Health Festival clearly does an amazing job at working towards this mission, and bringing to light important issues in the community. We are thankful and honored to help and serve this community!"
- George, Refugee Health Partners (Jefferson University)

Testimonials from the 2015 Uhuru Health Fest!

"It is the mission of Black Women's Health Alliance to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce health disparities among women of color through advocacy, education, research, programming and services. We thought it would be a great idea to participate in this year's Uhuru Health Festival to help educate the community about the many issues impacting women of color, and how our programs can help promote health and wellness, especially with a holistic approach to incorporating the mind, body, and spirit!"
- Ashley, Black Women's Health Alliance Philadelphia
"This is my 5th year vending with Uhuru Flea Markets, and I was on the committee for this year's Uhuru Health Festival. I choose Uhuru because of what Uhuru stands for - African people, African community, and fighting for social justice."
- Sunlight, New Life
"I vend at the Uhuru Flea Markets to bring quality goods to people for reasonable prices. I've been vending with Uhuru since the beginning."
 - Wendy, Upscale Thrift
"On a scale of 1 to 5, Uhuru is a 5! It's been my main market every month for over 3 years."
- Sydney
"TU HOPE aims to address the health disparities amongst minority populations. By promoting health education and positive lifestyle behaviors, Uhuru has the ideal audience to convey these messages as a means of creating a positive cycle of health awareness and practices to improve the state of the holistic health of African American communities."
- Kelsey, Temple University's Health Outreach Peer Educators
"This is my first time vending with Uhuru Flea Markets. There are so many people! I love it!"
- Josephine, 3rd Time Around
"I've been vending with Uhuru since 2008, and I greatly enjoy their Health Festival. In this time that we are in, we have to be about the seriousness of uplifting over this disapora by any means necessary - through art, healing, positive music, beautiful clothes & jewelry, etc. We have to show our brothers and sisters love by any means necessary."
- Queen Samiyah, Nubian Essence
"Uhuru has THE best flea markets. I've been vending at their markets and Health Festivals for over 3 years, because Uhuru is a good cause with great people."
- Chakir, Chakir Jewelry
"We've been with Uhuru Flea Markets for 5 years. We choose Uhuru because it's local, and really helps the community."
- King, Rise & Shine
"We at Fit Gym decided to become a health partner with the Uhuru Health Festival because we want to help spread awareness about the importance of health and wellness in our community, for everyone who is a part of it. Uhuru is doing great things to help get more knowledge and resources out to the community."
- Kaity, Fit Gym
"I've been vending with Uhuru for 5 years, and they've always been kind to me."
- Dave, Roseworthy Roses
"I've been vending with Uhuru for 2 years now. I love the community aspect of the market, and the socially conscious purpose of both it and the Health Fest."
- John, Nue Organic Body Jewelry & Indigenous Art
"In addition to shopping at their store, I've been vending with Uhuru since 2005. I love it because it's close by, I like supporting something noteworthy such as APEDF, and I get to meet good people and make good money. The contacts I make here and supporting the African people are the number one reasons I choose Uhuru."
- Douglass
"I've been coming to the Uhuru Flea Markets for the better part of 5 years. I choose Uhuru because it's a more friendly market than most other places. I also get to turn a couple of dollars!"
- Clark
"The mission of WAA is to provide quality, compassionate, and non-judgemental services in the effort to end domestic violence and intimate partner violence. Partnering with Uhuru's Health Festival allows this work to happen in a space where this ambition has the greatest chance for success - within a community that focuses on self-determination, resiliance, and the belief that everyone deserves to be safe."
- Shannon, Women Against Abuse
"This is my first time vending with Uhuru. We saw some posters and decided to participate, and we're really glad to be here."
- Yvonne & Henry, Amazingly About Me
"Uhuru is a good culture to be around. I'm an original vendor with Uhuru Flea Markets - over 10 years, now. It's a nice place. This is different than any other flea market; some flea markets are stuffy, but the people here are nice, and the food is good!"
- Ed
"We give old things a new life. This is our first day with Uhuru - it's so close to our business, this was the perfect venue to sell at. We plan on vending all year."
- Nettles, Zed's Gifts
"The Uhuru Health Festival is all about empowering the people with practices that increase healthy lifestyles. Uhuru supports the people to be health advocates. I led a Yoga and Chi-Kung workshop because they are empowering methods to stay healthy and maintain yourself as you age."
- Gabrielle Burke
"I'm from NYC, and this is my first time vending with Uhuru. My friend, a local, talked to me about Uhuru; it's a new market for me, but I like it."
- Jose, Jose Bravo
"This is my 4th time vending with Uhuru. I know Ruby from the Uhuru store that used to be on Spruce St., and I've bought many things from Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles. The Health Festival is a good event, especially for the local community."
- Hale, HCR4U Designs
"I moved to Philly from Brooklyn last year, and attended the October Uhuru Flea Market. I've been waiting all winter for today - it's our first time vending with Uhuru!"
- Molly, Lee & Molly's Stuff
"The mission of Refugee Health Partners is to offer free health services to under-served populations in Philadelphia. The Uhuru Health Festival allows us to reach out to all populations of Philadelphia, under-served or not. We chose to be a health partner so we could offer our services to this group, and because we believe in their mission."
- Dilru, Refugee Health Partners
"This is my first time vending with Uhuru, and I picked Uhuru's market because this is a pristine area, and it seems like the BEST place to buy and sell."
- Raseerah, Raseerah's Closet
"I sell clothes catered to children, and both Uhuru & the park are kid friendly. This is my second time vending with Uhuru - I found out about Uhuru from pamphlets, and I really like that they help out the community."
- Juanita, Love Jones Boutique
"I'm very pleased to be a returning vendor to the Uhuru Flea Markets and the Health Festival - I've been with them for three years! I'm happy here with the community-oriented environment & conscious people."
- Halima
"P-HOP joined the Uhuru Health Festival as a health partner to spread information about Hepatitis C. It's a very nice event, and a great organization to partner with."
- Dejenaba, Philadelphia Hepatitis Outreach Project
"I did the Uhuru markets all last year. I picked Uhuru because I live here in West Philly, and they cater to small businesses. I tell everyone about you!"
- Kinshasa, Kwamikaz Boutique
"I don't come here too often, but I love Uhuru's flea markets. I've been vending with them for 3 or 4 years, off and on. It's a diverse market, and Uhuru is dedicated & sincere - I can feel the goodness."
- Sheikha Maryam, Kashmir Dream Treasures from the Silk Road
"This is my first experience with Uhuru's flea markets, I saw Uhuru advertised in my co-op. I plan to participate in all of the upcoming ones this year!"
- Ronay, Ronay Roberts Natural Body
"This is my first time vending with Uhuru, but I'm a good friend of Moody's, and I've bought a lot of furniture from Uhuru and believe in their mission. I donate 10% of my profits to social justice."
- Sara, Riot Alliance
"I led a yoga workshop at the Uhuru Health Festival so we can connect and lend voices to the movement. I love the power of yoga, and I love teaching people who thought they didn't have time for yoga in the first place."
- Pamela Paraison
"I started vending with Uhuru last season, and quickly realized this is something I love to do. I love Uhuru because of the people and the location - I plan to move to this area!"
- Tara, Mystical Creations
"This is my first time vending with Uhuru. I chose Uhuru because my people are here."
- Laurell, Velluptous Skin Care
"I enjoy coming out and helping my community in any way possible. I am an HIV tester and counselor, so coming here and helping Uhuru provide helath and wellness to the community is always a good thing. This is great!"
- Benjamin, Philly FIGHT
"I've been vending with Uhuru since 2007. I picked Uhuru because of the park and the creed - it's helping a very great cause. There's lots of diversity, and you meet lots of nice & interesting people."
- Maureen, Columbian Paintings, Arts & Crafts
"I've been vending with Uhuru for 5 years. I love anything that benefits education, and it's a win-win situation with Uhuru."
- Lynn, A Love Supreme
"Uhuru is a business organization and social entity that allows vendors to come out. Uhuru has made an impression on them where they are oriented to give man blessing to come together."
- Ron, A Love Supreme
"Being fit and being healthy are not synonymous. People are having fits all the time. Fitness is a matter of good opinion; good health is a matter of fact. Uhuru is a community awareness advocate that supports a mind, body, and spirit connection for all people."
- Ronn Ross
"I used to live across from Uhuru Furniture's old location, so I got almost all of my furniture from there. I've been vending with Uhuru for 5 years now, and I live in the neighborhood of Clark Park. I'm happy to be with Uhuru because they help people."
- Erika, Latin Crafts
"This is my very first time vending with Uhuru, and I chose Uhuru because I do Philly markets and had this Saturday open. I really like it!"
- Rebecca