SAT April 24th: 10th Annual Uhuru Health Festival- Decolonizing African Health!

Join us on Sat, April 24th for the 10th Annual Uhuru Health Festival. The days programming includes a presentation from Keynote Speaker Dr. Aisha Fields, International Director of the All African Peoples Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP).

• Live Musical Performances
• Fitness Demos
• Panels on the affects of mental & physical health in the African community
• Spoken Word
• and more!

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Volunteers Wanted! Virtual Uhuru Health Festival & In Person One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace

 Looking to volunteer your time and skill?
We need you!!

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Sat October 24th- Uhuru Health Festival- Virtual Edition

Join us on Saturday October 24th from 12-5pm for the 9th annual Uhuru Health Festival- Online!
Were going to have an amazing program lined up with powerful health panels, live music, fitness demos and more! This program is free to all! 

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Uhuru Pop Up Marketplace- Sat Oct. 17th 12-5p @ Uhuru Furniture 832 N. Broad St

 Join us Saturday October 17th from 12p-5p at Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles (832 N Broad St.) for the next installment of our Pop Up Market!  We will have 4 phenomenal vendors selling a wide variety of art, jewelry decor and more! Come take advantage of an authentically African shopping experience. Food will be available on site and fun will be had! 

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N2U Online Volunteer Orientation- Tues July 14th @ 6:30PM

Are you looking for a way to support social and economic justice for the Black community, and be part of a community that works toward self-reliance? Looking to develop new skills? 

Volunteer with the Uhuru Movement! Join us for our  next monthly volunteer orientation Tues July 14th  @ 6:30pm at Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles, 832 N Broad Street -Click on the image for registration information!

   Learn more about the institutions and programs on the ground such as:

One Africa! One Nation Marketplace & Uhuru Health Festival
Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles- Philadelphia
International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement
Buy Black Power
Uhuru Solidarity Movement

Support and Defend Uhuru Furniture Not the Banks and Wall Street!

A live web show featuring Ona Zené Yeshitela, the president of APEDF, along with testimonies from staff and supporters on why it's so important to support a liberated African economy and institutions like Uhuru Furniture that serve the needs of the people.
We are calling on your support! Donate to our GoFundMe at!

COVID-19 Pandemic: Protect and Defend the People! Wed April 29th @ 6:30

 Join us on Wed. April 29th for a powerful presentation and discussion from Dr. Aisha Fields, International Director for The All Africans Peoples Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) on the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black community!

Hear powerful information on how we, the Black community, need to participate in defending our communities and families against this colonial disease. Get information on immunity boosting, DIY resources and more! The online event is free to the public with registration. 

To register please click on the picture below:

4/15 APEDF Community Meeting


1. Welcome - 6:30-6:40pm
3.  Resource Material - 7:10-8:00pm
Financial Resources - 7:10-7:20pm
Health Resources - 7:20-7:30pm
Support and Defend Uhuru Furniture: Giving Tuesday - 7:30-7:45pm
OAON Markets: How you can help! - 7:45-8:00pm
4. Questions - 8:00-8:15pm
5. Upcoming Events/ Announcements - 8:15-8:30pm

COVID-19 REOURCES: DIY Mask Tutorial

Coronavirus: A War Against the People and How to protect yourself and your loved ones

This colonial virus is an attack on the people. You dont have to fight it alone! The All African Peoples Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) is leading the charge in informing and empowering our people against COVID-19!

 Click on the poster below to find out great resources on food, immunity boosting and more!

COVID-19 and the Uhuru Health Festival

An important message re: COVID-19

 & Uhuru Health Festival

Uhuru! (Freedom Greetings):

We know that we are all focused on the health of ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities and with five weeks until the scheduled 2020 Uhuru Health Festival/ One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace, we wanted to provide an update to our community and partners regarding our plans in light of Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Our first priority will always be the safety and well-being of our community, vendors, volunteers, partners, staff and everyone who contributes to making the Uhuru Health Festival such a powerful, entertaining and incredible experience. We will continue to evaluate the situation and use all available resources and intelligence to that end.

To combat the spread of the virus, the steering committee has decided to postpone the Uhuru Health Festival until June 20, 2020 and resume the One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace on May 30, 2020. We are currently working on measures to safely put on the remaining markets.

Coronavirus: what you need to know and how you should prepare
APEDF Philadelphia is dedicated to carrying out the organizational mission of addressing disparities in health, education and economic development in the African community.

APEDF’s sister non-profit, the  All African People's Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), is providing daily updates, helpful information and best practices about how our community can stay healthy and safe which we will share regularly on our blogs and social media.

We want to encourage everyone supporting and participating in the Health Festival and Marketplace to help sustain our institutions by donating.

We will keep you informed of any new developments to the operation of the OAON Markets.

Please contact us with any questions on our OAON Marketplace voicemail line at 267- 875-3532 or visit our blog.

Stay safe,

The One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace team

APEDF Philadelphia
832 N. Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Hear Dr. Aisha Fields, International Director of (AAPDEP) explaining the signifigance of the Coronavirus and how to best take care of yourself.

Check out this powerful video from  Dr. Aisha Field international president of the All African Peoples Development project (AAPDEP) in Huntsville Alabama.

She discusses the importance of boosting your immune system, collaborating and checking in with neighbors and staying safe during this outbreak.




Interested in vending? This could be you!

*Please read the registration and regulations document linked above for more information.

Get ready for the 2020 One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace Season!

The Uhuru Health Festival and One Africa! One Nation! Marketplace is right around the corner!
On April 25th join us in beautiful Clark Park, for this powerful program promoting Black community control of health! 

Our next community meeting is Wednesday March 11th at 6:30 @
 Uhuru Furniture, 832 N Broad Street. Bring a friend!

Mark your calendars for our 2020 Marketplace dates:

April 25- Uhuru Health Festival
May 30th
June 20th
August 15th
September 19- Uhuru Book Fair
October 17- Season Finale

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Another Powerful and Successful Uhuru Health Festival and One African One Nation Market- THANKS TO YOU!

This years Uhuru Health Festival/One Africa One Nation Marketplace and Chairman's Book Tour was a SMASHING SUCCESS because of volunteers, health partners, vendors and supporters like you!